steve losh

I’m Steve. I’m currently living in Reykjavík, Iceland.
I do a lot of different things.

If you want to get in touch with me you can email me or find me on BitBucket, GitHub, or Twitter.


I went to Rochester Institute of Technology for a degree in Computer Science.

I’ve done a lot of different things in the field so far. Right now the things that are captivating me are artificial intelligence and clean, simple, useful web applications.

I find programming beautiful. That might sound strange, but there are aspects of programming and math that I can’t describe any other way.

You can take a look at my projects to see some of the major stuff I’ve worked on, or cut to the chase and look at my BitBucket account.


I like photographing people. Other things as well, but especially people. I tend to gravitate toward the “art” aspects of photography more than the “journalism” aspects, but I can appreciate both.

I shoot digital and film (35mm and medium format) depending on my time limits and mood. I develop film in my bathroom and print it in a rented darkroom. When I print digital I use a lab nearby; I don’t have the money for a professional printer just yet.


I teach blues dancing here in Rochester as part of Lady Luck Blues. I started blues dancing a few years ago and haven’t stopped since. My favorite aspect of dancing is connection and blues seems to bring that out more than any other dance.

I’ve also been swing dancing for about seven years. My first love is Lindy Hop; I go to classes, workshops and exchanges as often as my schedule and budget will allow.

Lately I’ve begun getting my feet wet in tango. Whether it’ll ever become as important to me as blues or Lindy remains to be seen.


I play electric and upright bass. I’ve played in a metal band in the past, but right now my focus is on jazz and blues.

I DJ at swing and blues dances fairly often. My taste is pretty broad, and I’ll cater to whatever the floor wants, but I tend to personally enjoy slightly down-tempo, small-group music. Let me know if you need a DJ for a dance.

About the Site

If you want to know more about my site you should check out the blog post about how I rewrote it.