steve losh

Posted on January 11, 2009.

For a long time I used Squarespace to create and host my personal website. It’s a great service, and I highly recommend it to anyone that needs a simple, easy, beautiful site.

Recently, however, I’ve started learning more and more about web design and I decided to completely revamp my website and build it myself from the ground up. This is the result.


I like simplicity. In all areas of my life (music, dancing, photography, programming, design, etc) I’m striving to make everything I do as simple, clean, and elegant as possible. That’s why I went with such a minimal design for the site.

I haven’t used any graphics in the layout for a few reasons. First, I’m not very good at making them. Second, I want the site to load quickly, even on phones, and scale gracefully for accessibility. Third, I wanted the interface to be as uncluttered as possible so the content of the site would be front and center.

I also stuck to a minimum of color. The only items that have any color on the site are any photographs that I post and the links. I did this because I’m not a graphic designer and so I haven’t studied color enough to know how to use it well.

One last thing I tried to keep in mind was sticking to a baseline rhythm for some elements of the site. The home page, blog entry list, and project list all line up with the links in the right sidebar. I think it gives the layout a more stable feel.


This website was written in Python using the Django framework. Django makes it really easy to write useful web apps quickly and cleanly. I love it.

Blueprint kept me sane while writing the CSS. Grid layouts are no longer a nightmare!

I rely pretty heavily on Markdown throughout the site. The blog entries and static pages are all written in Markdown and parsed to XHTML later. This might not be the fastest way to do things but processor time is cheap and my time isn’t.

The Markdown-based editor and preview for commenting is the wonderful WMD. It’s clean, simple, and does exactly what I want it to do. Most of the other Javascript magic comes from jQuery. I use the jQuery form validation plugin in a couple of places to make checking input easier.

For site statistics I’m relying on the fantastic Mint. It’s got a gorgeous interface and is absurdly simple to install. Plus it’s hosted on my own host so I have control. It’s also just a one time fee, unlike some other site stat packages that charge monthly.

My development process is pretty simple. I use TextMate to edit the code and a Mercurial repository to store it and protect against accidents. To deploy, I push my local changes to a private repository on, and then use Fabric to pull those changes down to the server and restart if necessary.

The site is hosted by WebFaction. If you’re looking for a web host for Django or Rails sites (or any other kind, really) you should definitely consider them. Not only do they make installing Django or Rails very easy, they’re absurdly cheap: 10gb disk space and 600gb/month bandwidth is less than $10 a month. I’d recommend them to anyone.

It’s Open Source, Too!

Want to see what makes this site tick? Want to make it tick more smoothly? Feel free to head over to and take a look at the code.