steve losh
  1. A Road to Common Lisp How and why you can and should learn this old language.
  2. Fun with Macros: If-Let and When-Let Part 2 in a series of short posts about fun Common Lisp Macros.
  3. Fun with Macros: Gathering Part 1 in a series of short posts about fun Common Lisp Macros.
  4. CHIP-8 in Common Lisp: Menus Let's add some polish.
  5. CHIP-8 in Common Lisp: Debugging Infrastructure What's happening inside this computer?
  6. CHIP-8 in Common Lisp: Disassembly What's in a ROM?
  7. CHIP-8 in Common Lisp: Sound Let's add a buzzer.
  8. CHIP-8 in Common Lisp: Input Let's add a keypad.
  9. CHIP-8 in Common Lisp: Graphics Let's draw some pixels.
  10. CHIP-8 in Common Lisp: The CPU Let's write an emulator.
  11. Customizing Common Lisp's Iterate: Timing How long is this loop?
  12. Customizing Common Lisp's Iterate: Averaging Don't loop, iterate!
  13. Playing With Syntax Lisp lets you evolve your language.
  14. August 2016 Lisp Game Jam Postmortem Porting a game from Clojure to Common Lisp.
  15. What the Hell is Symbolic Computation? Symbols, REPLs, and Quoting — Oh My!
  16. Terrain Generation with Diamond Square Improving on Midpoint Displacement.
  17. Recursive Midpoint Displacement A cleaner version.
  18. Terrain Generation with Midpoint Displacement A first step toward growing worlds with computers.
  19. Ludum Dare 34 Postmortem I made a "game"!
  20. What the Hell are Permutation Patterns? A short introduction.
  21. Just Beat the Data Out of It Round two of the Bob Ross Twitch chat analysis.
  22. Happy Little Words Analyzing the Bob Ross Twitch chat.
  23. Bag Review: National Geographic MC5350 Almost perfect weekend travel and DSLR kit bag.
  24. Bag Review: National Geographic A2540 A great little shoulder bag for holding a DSLR kit.
  25. Teach, Don't Tell Documentation Matters
  26. Git Koans The path to enlightenment is long and arduous.
  27. List Out of Lambda Down the rabbit hole we go!
  28. The Caves of Clojure: Part 7.1 Region mapping.
  29. Why I Two-Space You can pry my extra spaces from my cold, dead hands.
  30. A Modern Space Cadet Emulating a legendary keyboard.
  31. The Homely Mutt Sparrow's dead? Why not try Mutt?
  32. The Caves of Clojure: Part 6 Real combat and messages.
  33. The Caves of Clojure: Interlude 1 Black magic.
  34. The Caves of Clojure: Part 5 Fungus and more.
  35. The Caves of Clojure: Part 4 A player!
  36. The Caves of Clojure: Part 3.4 Refactoring.
  37. The Caves of Clojure: Part 3.3 Scrolling.
  38. The Caves of Clojure: Part 3.2 World smoothing.
  39. The Caves of Clojure: Part 3.1 World generation.
  40. The Caves of Clojure: Part 2 Dealing with state.
  41. The Caves of Clojure: Part 1 Getting a Roguelike up and running.
  42. Volatile Software Our culture is one of pain and suffering.
  43. Writing Vim Plugins It's pretty much black magic.
  44. Django Advice Some useful things I've learned.
  45. Going Paper-Free for $220 It feels like the future!
  46. On Learning and Teaching Learning one thing isn't enough.
  47. Keep Calm and Carry On You don't always need to be sexy.
  48. Coming Home to Vim I'm sorry I ever left, baby.
  49. Making My Site Sing Designing with music.
  50. A Git User's Guide to Mercurial Queues MQ is git's index on steroids.
  51. Mercurial Workflows: Translation Branches Uncommon but useful.
  52. Mercurial Workflows: Stable & Default Part 2 of several.
  53. A Faster Feed Apart Rethinking A Feed Apart’s backend.
  54. Mercurial Workflows: Branch As Needed Part 1 of several.
  55. My Extravagant Zsh Prompt It’s big, but my monitor isn’t running out of ink.
  56. The Real Difference Between Mercurial and Git It’s not their features.
  57. Moving from Django to Hyde Another year, another rewrite.
  58. My SiteSprint Project: LindyHub I want to make something awesome for dancers.
  59. A Guide to Branching in Mercurial With illustrations and comparisons to git.
  60. How to Contribute to Mercurial Ten minutes of setup will make it easier.
  61. What I Hate About Mercurial Hg, I love you, but sometimes you bring me down.
  62. Why People Don’t Like Metal It’s probably not what you think.
  63. Candy Colored Terminal Better colors for the OS X Terminal.
  64. Mercurial Bash Prompts Always know where you are.
  65. How I Shoot Dances Slow shutter and flash.
  66. How & Why I DJ I like playing music for dancers.
  67. Deploying with Fabric & Mercurial Trimming typing.
  68. Going Open Source Why I’m making the code to this website public.
  69. Site Redesign Yeah, I know. Again.
  70. Negative Space in Dancing It’s not just for artsy kids.
  71. Beauty in Computer Science Why I love what I do.
  72. On Leading Some of my thoughts on leading after five years of doing it.
  73. Shooting Girl Jam I'm finally getting the kind of dancing photos I want.
  74. Entourage + Applescript = Frustration This is ridiculous.